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Welcome 2 PT. Orang Utan Kalimantan Tour & Travel.

We are a small orangutan tour company, offering you the opportunity to see orangutans in their natural environment. Let us bring you in the mystic Tanjung Puting National Park, located on the island of Borneo, in the Province of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Unfortunately, orangutans are one of the endangered species in this fast growing world. Their natural habitat is quickly being destroyed by deforestation to meet the high demands of our capitalist economy. It`s with great respect and compassion that we would like to bring you to the orangutans’ world. By doing so, we also open doors to the local community, giving them a chance to find new jobs opportunities that are better for our environment. Slowly but surely, they too might become strong supporters of their natural resources. If we can all end up helping the orangutans cause, little by little, maybe there`s still hope!

The creation of  PT. Orang Utan Kalimantan Tour & Travel the originates from our loving couple, Ennog and Isabelle, who met in the jungle of Indonesia in 2006.

Ennog is an Indonesian, born in the village of Kumai Subdistrict in Central Kalimantan. In his early age, he could see foreigners departing from the port of Kumai by boat, to reach the Tanjung Puting National Park. That`s where they could find the mysterious orangutans. Ennog was fascinated by these visitors. So later, he found a job with one of the boat owner, to work as an assistant on the boat. He then got a job as a cook on a boat, then as a captain and finally became a tour guide.

Throughout these years of experience, he managed to learn English and also participated actively in various training to obtain the following certificates:

1. Member of the Indonesian Tourist Guide Association (HPI) on December 2007 in Pangkalan Bun (issued by the Head of Department of Tourism Art & Culture, Drs.H.Asyikin Noor Bakri)

2. Guide / Interpreter Specialist for the Tanjung Puting National Park, on April 2006 in Pangkalan Bun (issued by the Department of Forestry Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation, Drs.P.Bambang Darmadja MS)

3. Tour Guide training on March 2003 in Tanjung Harapan Village (issued by USAID, OFI, CII, Yayorin, Department of Forestry, Department of Tourism Art & Culture (DISBUDPAR), Indonesian Tourist Guide Association (HPI) and a local NGO (LSM))

4. River Rescue and First Aid on November 2005 in Pangkalan Bun (issued by Australia Orangutan Project (AOP) and Conservation International Indonesia (CII)

5. Participated in a training for Ecotourism Guide on October 2012 in Pangkalan Bun (issued by the Ministry Of Tourism and the Development Economy, Central Jakarta).

6. Certificate of Competency as an Ecotourism Guide on November 2012 (issued by Indonesian Professional Certification Authority and Nusantara Tourism Professional Certification Body)

7. Cerificate of Competency as a Tour Guide on December 2013 (issud by Indonesian Professional Certification Authority and Nusantara Tourism Professional Certification Body)

He also participated in various projects such as:

1. Assisting Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) confiscating orangutan who were captured by the villagers around Kumai village and Sukamara region (on two occasions)

2. The making of a documentary with the Australian Orangutan Project (AOP), regarding the Orangutan Threat by Palm Oil Companies around Pangkalan Bun

Isabelle is a Canadian, born in the province of Quebec. As far as she can remember, her passion for animals and their well being has always been very present. As the years went by, she travelled to see more of the fauna around the world, and ended up in 2006 in the jungle of indonesia for an Orangutan tour.

As a small company, PT. Orang Utan Kalimantan Tour & Travel is ready to personalize your trip according to your needs and expectations. With many years of experiences with the Indonesian community working in this area, Ennog has enough contacts and knowledge to make your trip a memorable one. Having the opportunity to visit this Mystic environment with the presence of orangutans is a precious and memorable experience.

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